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There is a mirror in my bathroom which has long annoyed the crap out of me. I can’t get it clean.  I walk by the bathroom 40 times a day and see the mirror, full of wipe marks. The natural light from the bathroom window hits the mirror just perfect to showcase every single streak from my unsuccessful cleaning attempt. It. Drives. Me. Crazy.

Up until now, I had been using Windex and a paper towel. I had tried vinegar and that was worse. I even tried generic microfiber cloths from Costco that my husband uses to wash his truck.  Fail.  The natural stuff didn’t work. The chemical stuff didn’t work. What’s a girl to do?

When the kind people from e-cloth contacted me last month offering to send me some cloths to review, I jumped on the offer. You see, e-cloths are various forms of fiber cloths which require ONLY WATER to work.  They make specific cloths for all types of cleaning: glass cloths, general purpose cloths, dish cloths, auto cloths, shower cloths, and many more.  The even have packs for bathroom, dusting, floors and more.  They even come in vibrant colors, which makes me feel like the Carrie Bradshaw of cleaning!

Here are some facts about e-cloth which I found enticing:

  • By combining e-cloth’s special fiber technology with water, the cloths break up, lift and hold grease, grime and bacteria.  Which things like paper towel and other cloths leave behind.
  • Each e-cloth has 1.6 million strands per square inch.  That is why they are so effective at cleaning and are super absorbent.
  • Research done has shown that e-cloth removes over 99% of bacteria.  With just water.  How awesome is that?
  • The cloths are not expensive.  They have free shipping too!  I love a good deal.  I might just buy them all.

Experiment #1 – Glass & Polishing Cloth


Of the three cloths e-cloth sent me, of course the Glass & Polishing Cloth was the one I was most excited to try.  That mirror…

I am really excited to say that this cloth delivers!!

Mirrors.  I dampened the cloth and wiped the mirror.  The first thing I noticed is that it gripped to the dust on the surface of the mirror, which nothing I have tried in the past has been able to do.  Usually the dust just gets wet and smears around, right?  Does anyone else’s toilet paper make an insane amount of dust in their bathroom?  I feel like I should hold my breath when I’m handling it.  Ridiculous amount of dust.  My e-cloth picked up the dust no problem.  It left some water on the mirror, but when it dried, it was perfectly clean!  As in ZERO streaks.  Success!

Perfectly clean mirror!

Perfectly clean mirror!

Windows.  I also did a test run on my large front window which had fingerprints all over it.  Sticky fingerprints, greasy fingerprints, I-don’t-want-to-know-what-that-is fingerprints.  With just water, the Glass & Polishing Cloth cleaned the window better than anything else I have tried.  No fingerprints or streaks were left behind.  I was getting excited by this point.

Experiment #2 – Stainless Steel Cloth


Having spotless stainless steel with a toddler in the house is impossible!  Anything at my son’s level is covered in fingerprints.  We’ve been using a “green” cleaner to wipe our refrigerator since we bought it a few years ago.  There are still smears on the lower half that will not wipe off.  I was hopeful this cloth would help.

The Stainless Steel Cloth is double-sided.  One side has soft fibers, similar to the General Purpose Cloth below.  The other side is striped with a tough fiber.  This side is for brushed stainless steel, while the soft side is for polished.


If you get this cloth, make sure you follow the directions.  The first time I used the cloth, I just wet it and wiped.  My refrigerator looked TERRIBLE.  Like, if it wasn’t just water I would have panicked that I ruined it.    The instructions clearly state to spray with water, wipe with Stainless Steel cloth and then finish with Glass & Polishing Cloth.  The second time around I followed instructions and has much better results.

Shiny, happy tea kettle.  Thank you Stainless Steel e-cloth!

Shiny, happy tea kettle. Thank you Stainless Steel e-cloth!

I also tried our stainless steel electric tea kettle and the cloth polished it beautifully.  I used the tough side to gently buff off anything stuck on it and then used the soft side to polish it.  It looked brand new!

Experiment #3 – General Purpose Cloth

gen purpose

The third cloth I tried was the General Purpose Cloth, designed for cleaning stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, glass, chrome, granite, marble, slate, quartz, tile and wood.   According to e-cloth, it removes thick dirt, grease, oil, grime.  Due to its electrostatic properties, when used dry it is also an effective dusting cloth.

Dusting.  I used this cloth to dust while it was dry.  I dusted some wood surfaces in our home and it worked well.  There were no dust-bunnies left behind, which I usually have.  The cloth grabs on to dust, no chemical sprays needed.  Win.

Next, I wet it to rinse out the dust.  After wringing out all the water I could, I decided to try dusting my ceiling fans.  It was awesome!  There was no dust or smears left behind, and no dust fell on me.  Another win!

Counters.  The last thing I tried the cloth for was the kitchen counters, which are usually a mess.  I almost didn’t want to dirty my new cloth on them, but I wanted to see what the cloth can do on counter top.  We have a dark speckled laminate counter top, so it is hard to see when it is dirty.  So I rinsed the cloth clean and got to scrubbing.  The cloth did well for normal spots and dust.  There was a spot of really stubborn bacon grease which would not come up, but my natural cleaner hasn’t gotten that spot clean either.  I needed something more abrasive for that.

I would recommend having a designated cloth for kitchen use because I felt like using my General Purpose Cloth there was going to destroy it a lot faster than just dusting and cleaning elsewhere in the house.

This is a good time to mention:

How long will e-cloths last?

As long as the care instructions are followed, with normal use e-cloths will last for several years and are guaranteed for 300 washes. There may be some loss of color or staining, but this will not affect performance.   In order to care for an e-cloth, simply wash in your washing machine without any fabric softener.  They make chemical-free cleaning really easy!

GIVEAWAY! e-cloth will send one winner ALL 3 CLOTHS!


If you share my mirror frustrations, you will definitely want to enter this giveaway.  One winner will receive one of each of the cloths I described above: the Glass & Polishing Cloth, the Stainless Steel Cloth and the General Purpose Cloth.

To enter, please do the following:

  1. Visit and sign up for their email list.  Leave a comment below telling what cloth you want to try most! You need to leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway.
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Please enter between 5/25/2015 6:00 am CT to 6/1/2015 6:00 am CT.  This giveaway is open to Continental U.S. residents only.  Must be 18 years old to enter.  Winner will be chosen from the comments below using


*I received free e-cloths in order to write this review, however all opinions are my own!


Remove Stickers from Furniture Naturally

REmove stickers from faux wood quickly without chemicals

This past week was very exciting for me.  My husband and I finally moved our toddler’s crib out of our room and into his brother’s.  FREEDOM!

In order to make this move work, we had to switch the crib with a dresser which was in my son’s room.  The dresser came decorated with Spiderman stickers which were stuck to its faux wood surface.  After much deliberation, I decided that Spiderman just doesn’t go with the theme of my bedroom and they must be removed.  The problem was I had no idea how to efficiently remove these stickers which seemed to be cemented on.  With some trial and error, I figured it out!

Learn from my mistakes, please.

First, I peeled up a little of the stickers, got impatient, doused it in coconut oil and scrubbed with a sponge.  Nothing. happened.

Then I tried baking soda in the mix.  Nothing still?  What gives!?

It turns out the glossy face of the sticker prevented my natural “goo-gone” from working properly.  Once I scraped the top off with a metal spatula, the coconut oil and baking soda mixture worked perfectly at removing the sticky-goo.  This whole escapade took me way too long!  The next time I have to do this, I will follow a different protocol.

Here’s what I should have done.

  • First, blow a hair dryer on the top of the stickers to soften the glue and peel up as much of the top glossy layer as possible.
  • Next, use a small amount of coconut oil mixed with baking soda and scrub with a rag or sponge.  Allow to soak for a minute or so.
  • Finally, use a scraper to remove any sticker goo left behind.

Viola, you are sticker free!

Quick and easy method to remove stickers naturally!


Remove crayon scribbles – natural, fast and easy!

Remove crayon scribbles QUICK, SAFE and EASY with this one trick!

I made the mistake of leaving my nineteen month old with a handful of crayons yesterday while I was cleaning.  He understands when I say “paper only,” directing him to keep his crayons confined to a coloring book or loose paper sheets.  He prefers, however, to color over every hard surface in arm’s reach.  We’ve had floors, desks, books and tables decorated with the finest crayon scribbles you have ever seen.  Every time he finishes his art, he sits, points and says “uh-oh!”

Yesterday I was distracted trying to power clean the house.  I gave him his crayons at his desk and got a little lost in my cleaning.  Just three minutes later and the house was a crayon filled mess.  I think he went on an odyssey, sort of like Harold.

2014-07-21 08_20_07-Harold and the Purple Crayon Board Book_ Crockett Johnson_ 9780062086525_ AmazonLucky for me, the crayon was only on smooth, hard surfaces.  I have tried in the past to use my normal household Thieves Cleaner, to no avail.  (Surprising, because it works for EVERYTHING.)  I was scrubbing for several minutes trying to scrape off crayon from my tile floors.  Yesterday I was on a cleaning rampage and I just didn’t have the time for spending on crayon removal.

My brillant solution…. coconut oil!

I read online that petroleum jelly works at removing crayon, but I avoid use of petroleum products as much as I can.  Coconut oil was the perfect solution.

All you need is some clean, dry paper towel and a dab of coconut oil, like this brand.  The less you use, the better.  Hold the towel over your finger like so:

Clean crayon quickly and naturally with this simple tip.


Wipe until all the oil is off the surface of the table, floor, book, etc.

Remove crayon from hard surfaces in just seconds.  No chemicals or petroleum products needed!

Note this will not work on walls or other porous surfaces, the oil will stain.  Please only use on hard flat surfaces as I have described in this post.

Do you have any amazing and natural cleaning tricks?  Please share in the comments below!

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