Trust Your Mommy Brain

There was a time in my life where I thought doctors knew everything. I thought they knew my body better than I did, and worse, my children’s bodies better than I did. Do you think that way too? You shouldn’t.

I’ve told the story again and again how my oldest child was born with complications and almost died. I was young and scared. I surrendered to the doctors because they were my son’s only hope. For two years after I continued to let his several doctors make the calls for his well-being. The kidney doctor gave him a prescription. His urologist gave him a prescription. His pediatrician had him on antibiotics continually from birth until 6 months, and then every time he had a cold we got another round of antibiotics. If the 1st round didn’t work, they gave us a different antibiotic. This continued for two years of his life. The most precious and delicate two years of his life.

I remember one evening when he was around two, he walked up to me several hours after dinner and threw up whatever it was he ate. The shocking thing was that it was still whole pieces of food. The several hours since he ate, absolutely no digestion was going on. This was the instant that I started to look for answers to his health on my own. Separate from his doctor.  I found out how antibiotics destroy the bacteria needed in the gut for digestion and a strong immune system.  I gave him probiotics.  They helped.

For the past five years I have been researching holistic health and am now very comfortable on making my own decisions on taking care of my kid’s health. My youngest is now two and a half and has never had antibiotics. He has never had Tylenol. He has not even been to the doctor since his 1-year well visit, where I became tired of the pressure to vaccinate with products that have not been properly (if at all) safety tested. The thing is, most of the stuff we take our kids to the doctor or specialist for, we don’t really need to. A fever of 102 is scary, but it is the body’s way of killing off germs.  When we try to stifle the fever, we are making it harder for our child to get well.  Read my post Fevers Are Our Friends for more on that.

Know that I am not suggesting you avoid your pediatrician the way I do.  I am suggesting that you question their suggestions and prescriptions.  Especially if it doesn’t feel right for you.  In my experience, I have found that conventional doctors know very little about supporting the body through natural methods like nutrition.  They simply treat symptoms with drugs.  Have you ever wondered why they aren’t curious what is causing those symptoms!?  Symptoms are the body’s way of dealing with a problem.  The problem needs to be treated, not the symptom.  It’s absolutely ridiculous this type of medicine has persisted for the last 100 years.

This morning I was out for a walk with my toddler and we said hello to some neighbors, a father and a daughter who is turning two this week.  He asked if my son is talking yet and I said yes, quite a bit.  He told me that his daughter is not using words yet, only her made up language.  He then told me that his pediatrician suggested at when she was 18 months to take her to a speech specialist.  18 months!  Thankfully he is letting her take her time and develop.  He said that the pediatrician has deals with specialists where they get kickbacks for referring patients.  Oddly enough, the same thing happened with my oldest son.  Like him, I never went to the specialist and my son speaks just fine.  Trust your mommy brain!

I realize that I am a bit more extreme into holistic health because I have seen 1st hand the damages that too much antibiotics, over-the-counters like Tylenol or Motrin and prescription drugs caused my oldest child.  It has taken us five years of research, hard work and saying no to conventional medical treatment to get him to the spot where he is now.  His allergies are under control, his nebulizer for asthma treatments is collecting dust, and he hasn’t had an antibiotic or over-the-counter drug in at least four years.  He has not had McDonald’s or Wendy’s, we cut out Doritos and Cheetos, and I do not buy crappy lunch foods like fruit snacks or Twinkies.  But this is important for every mother, every child.  Human bodies are brilliantly constructed and we need to take really, really good care of them if we are going to operate at our full potential.  And doesn’t every mother want that for their children?  Health experts are now saying that this is the first time that our children will not live as long as we will.  The increase in GMOs, pesticide use and other toxins (like injecting aluminum and formaldehyde into them?) is now shortening the lifespan of the human race.  We have to trust our mommy instincts and take a step back.  It is worth the extra hours in the kitchen to feed our kids real food instead of packaged processed foods which are void of nutrition.  It is worth it to stand up to their doctor and say no, I don’t trust your treatment.  Our kids are worth this.

It is not hard to start going natural.  For colds and fevers, I use homeopathy and essential oils along with dietary adjustments.  You can get this cough syrup from most Walgreen’s.  I also use Hyland’s Defend Sinus, 40 Count” target=”_blank”>these sinus tablets from which work amazing.  It’s really simple to step away from the beaten path of specialist after doctor after doctor.  That is the path which leads to consistently poorer health.  Make changes, one by one.  It doesn’t have to be all at once.  Don’t put the health and well-being in the hands of anyone but yourself.  Trust that you know what is best for your family.   As the popular saying goes: Mother knows best!

If you are interested in finding a new doctor for your family, the following are links to registered Integrative or Functional Medicine practitioners.

Institute for Functional Medicine

American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

What are your thoughts on all this?  Do you disagree?  Please share in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Trust Your Mommy Brain

  1. So TRUE to listen to your mommy brain. My friend was having “issues” with her child for the fist 3 years of her life… they thought she was having seizures, put her on seizure meds that made her hair fall out at 2.5 years old… then they thought she was autistic.. said there was nothing that could be done. Well, the mommy didn’t take that for an answer, she works with Autistic children and knew that wasn’t the case. Miraculously one of the neuro docs she went to also specialized in sleep disorders… so he decided to do a few sleep tests on her.. Turns out her adenoids where causing her to not get enough oxygen to the brain while she was sleeping, resulting in all these behavioral, developmental and sensory problems!!! they removed the adenoids and now, after a very short time, she started talking and is a WHOLE new person!! Although she went the route of doctors, its a good example of not taking the first advice that you heard, or the second, or the third. She knew that it wasn’t any of those things they tried to tell her… if they had it their way, she would probably still be on heavy seizure meds that were causing her all sorts of problems!!


    • It is really refreshing to hear a happy ending thanks to a mother listening to her intuition! It can be so scary when our kids are sick to trust our guts and tell the doctors they are wrong. It is also refreshing to hear there are doctors out there who can still figure things out! Thank you for sharing this great story.


  2. Your thoughts are my sentiments exactly!! Way to go and share this thought-provoking post. Us mom’s were made to take care of our children. We really should take a step back before we do exactly what doctors or friends suggest that we do with our children’s health. Often they mean well but ultimately it’s us parents that our accountable. I’m very mindful of what food I give to my children- make almost everything from scratch and lead a whole food lifestyle the best that we can. Amongst other issues one of my children was told by an emergency room doctor that he has asthma. His puffer has been collecting dust as well ;). Dairy is a big issue with asthma. We don’t consume cow, goat or sheep dairy anymore. I realize it’s not easy for everyone but as you said, ‘step by step’ is the key. And I completely agree when you say that we are brilliantly constructed. Let’s take care of ourselves and our little ones. 🙂


    • Sabrina, good for you for figuring out that dairy was causing issues! I feel like most of the time a food allergy or sensitivity is behind common illnesses. Unfortunately doctors will not recommend the right kind of tests because insurance companies won’t even cover them. They sure cover those prescriptions thought!
      I like how you stated you follow the whole food lifestyle the best you can. Isn’t that the truth! I don’t think any mother can keep a perfect diet all the time for the whole family. I try to make a lot from scratch too and it takes up a lot of time and energy. We definitely need to embrace and celebrate that we are doing the best we can. Great comment, thank you. 🙂


  3. I couldn’t agree more and I’m so glad you’re sharing your story. There is a WEALTH of knowledge available at our fingertips! Doctors are trained professionals who are there to give their medical opinion and advice. It is our job as parents to take that, as well as our knowledge of our children, and make decisions. Great post!


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