My Break is Over – Plus a Special Announcement!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a month since I have made a post. It is so easy to get overtaken by the busyness of the holiday season, which I totally did. But there’s a bigger reason I have been not posting lately.

We are expecting another baby!


That’s right, baby #3 is coming, due on 7.20.2015.  The last 7 weeks have been a roller coaster ride of nausea and exhaustion mixed in with holiday madness.  It’s been real, but I have finally made it to the 12 week point and am starting to feel less sick.  I still can’t believe how awful I have been feeling, I think it is much worse than my prior two pregnancies.  It’s like getting run over by a steam roller.  I literally can tell my body has been taken over by a little alien.  At least it will be a cute and amazing little alien in just a few months!


We have decided we are not going to find out the sex of the baby.  After having two boys, the thought of having a girl is somewhat terrifying to me.  I know it is in my imagination, but it just seems like it will turn everything upside down.  Plus, teenage girls terrify me and I would like to avoid that if at all possible.  So we are going to wait to find out the au naturel way.  I know once I see the baby I won’t have those irrational fears, so waiting makes the most sense.

For pregnancy nausea, I have been drinking this Organic Spiced Ginger Tea.  It actually really helps!  I have been struggling to eat healthy which boggles my mind.  It’s the most important time to ever eat healthy, yet all I want some days is a cheeseburger.  Usually if someone else makes food, I can eat it much easier than if I cooked it, so we have been eating take out frequently.  Meal planning is something I am focusing on this week.  Eating out too much makes me feel really heavy and gross after a while.

I’ve been using a lot of essential oils lately which has been great for helping me feel refreshed and centered.  I had taken a break for a few months (more on that later) but it feels really great to be using them daily again.

Yesterday my son returned to school and I am excited to return to something which resembles my normal routine.  I have a lot to share in the coming weeks (not all pregnancy stuff, have no fear 🙂 ) and am looking forward to reconnecting with all of you!


5 thoughts on “My Break is Over – Plus a Special Announcement!

  1. GAH!! YEAH!!! I don’t think I ever emailed you back, and that’s because WE’RE EXPECTING #3, TOO!!!! Due May 14th!! Oh…and July babies are the bestus….my husband and both boys are July! We never find out the gender, but I agree that the thought of having a girl thrown into the mix is terrifying! So exciting- TWO new babies for your family!! 🙂


    • Congratulations Allison! You are due on my birthday! It’s so funny how many girls I know are expecting right now. I was joking with my sister that the hospitals are going to be full this summer. I’m really excited to read your updates on your blog. I would love to feature your articles here, if you want to reblog them or whatever. I was also interested in asking you what women doomed to C-Sections can do for a more natural childbirth experience. (If anything!) Lets keep in touch and work on some stuff! Thank you and congratulations again!


  2. P.S. If you want to work together on pregnancy stuff/bloggy type stuff, let me know. I have a LIST of blogs I need to write and research I need to do, and I’m planning new workshops and class series as we speak. 🙂


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