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My essential oils diffuser stopped working!

When I started using essential oils, I purchased a kit that came with a diffuser, an expensive one.  Everything that company produces is great quality – I consider it to be some of the best available.  I used my diffuser almost daily for two years and then it stopped working.  *Tear*

I take complete responsibility as to why it stopped working.  I rarely cleaned it properly because every time I tried, water would get inside the machine and drip out the bottom.  I also used our filtered hard water instead of buying distilled which probably left a lot of residue on the ultrasonic plate.  So while I was really disappointed my diffuser stopped working, I knew it was my own fault.

I wanted to buy another diffuser from the same company, but the one I had ran around $70.  My husband suggested we do some research and see if there was a comparable model for less money.  After a few days of being without a diffuser, I reluctantly agreed.

I knew that my diffuser had important criteria I wanted to match in a new purchase:

  • An ultrasonic frequency of 2.5 MHz – this allows the oil molecules to be disbursed into the air at a good quantity.
  • Low noise level.
  • Water tank capacity around 130 ml.
  • Automatic shut off when the water reservoir becomes nearly empty.

We researched on and tried to find good user reviews on random websites.  It seemed difficult to find measurements of the ultrasonic frequency, which was my number one criteria in finding a new diffuser.  We ended up purchasing the BriteLeafs 2-in1 Ultrasonic Diffuser because it was the only model we were able to find comparable information on.


I must say that I am really pleased with our purchase!  The BriteLeafs model can be purchased on Amazon for under $35.00.  It is much smaller than the other model but I have found it puts out a lot of mist, which my other diffuser had stopped doing a long time before I finally accepted it was gone and tossed it.  It runs quietly and has several color options to choose from which my kids love.  The controls allow you to choose a time setting before it shuts off, but it also has automatic shut off when the water reservoir becomes low.  This seems like a good thing, but it is kind of annoying when it shuts off because I didn’t choose a long enough time.  Sometimes I just want it to run until it empties.  This can easily be fixed by walking over there and turning it back on… no biggie.

Another important criteria is that the BriteLeafs model can handle citrus oils.  I found a lot of other diffusers are unable to be used with citrus oils and that was no good for me.

BriteLeafs essential oil diffuser is an affordable and great alternative.

If you are like me and looking for an affordable replacement to keep diffusing in your home, the BriteLeafs model is a great option.

Just in case you were wondering, I cannot affiliate with any essential oils company if I want to share my essential oil testimonials.  That is why I do not mention any brand name.

*There are affiliate links in this post.  If you kindly click and then purchase something, I will get a small amount sent my way.  Thank you!!


7 thoughts on “Essential Oil Diffuser Review – BriteLeafs

  1. The same exact thing just happened to me because I didn’t use distilled water. I’ve had mine since April 2014 and am lost without it. I’ve looked at these and have wondered how they would be, so I appreciate your review and detailed information. I’ll be purchasing one in a few minutes. Just wondering if you’re using distilled water now. I’m thinking I will this time around.


    • Hi Tina! I think using distilled water is a very smart idea. I still use the filtered water that we drink, however we have very hard water here and I know that a lot of “minerals” make it through the filter. This time around I make sure to wipe the ultrasonic plate and the reservoir with the sponge on a stick that came with my other diffuser. So far it is running perfectly. I think the majority of the reason my other diffuser stopped working is because I somehow got water inside of it when dumping out the leftover water in the reservoir, but I’ll never know for sure. Good luck with your new diffuser! 🙂


  2. I purchased the flower diffuser. I received it, and two months after it stopped working. I called young living explained to them it just stopped working after only two months. They sent me a replacement, the new dew drop model and again two months layer it has also stopped working!!! I spend $100 on the diffuser and now have two that are garbage. I am extremely annoyed. Both didn’t even last 6 months! I will never ever buy products from young living again! Waste of $100!


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