DIY: Replacement Reed Diffuser Oil

I love a house that smells good. Who doesn’t?! I love burning candles in the fall and winter, and I love using reed diffusers in my bathroom year round. What I do not love, however, are the toxic chemicals that get dispersed into my home and the air we breathe when using conventional candles or reed diffusing oil.  With asthma, allergies and eczema not an issue for us lately (finally!) I continue to be really careful about what toxins we are exposed to.

I have this really awesome reed diffuser I bought from one of those candle party companies a few years ago.  It sits on my bathroom counter empty because I ran out of oil a long time ago and never thought I could make my own.  The other day I was on one of those fanatic cleaning/ organizing sprees – am I the only one who does that?  While I was on my cleaning spree, I thought, “Hey, I have all these great smelling essential oils.  I bet I can make a homemade reed diffusing oil with ingredients I have here!”  15 seconds later, Google supplied me with about 15 trillion websites with different kinds of recipes for reed diffusing oils.  You are now reading post 15 trillion and one.  People use all kinds of ingredients like olive oil or sesame oil in combination with essential oils.  I’m sure this wouldn’t happen, but I imagined the oil sitting on my counter collecting dust and growing mold… I don’t want any part of that, even if it is Halloween!

The recipe I made is a loose combination of the ten websites I checked out, minus any food based oils.  My bathroom smells fresh and lovely.  I read on the Yankee Candle website that you are supposed to change your reeds frequently, like every time you change the oil, to keep the scent dispersing properly.  My reeds are about three years old and I have never changed them, so I have ordered these ones and cannot wait to see if it increases the scent in the room.

All you need is the following:

1/3 cup distilled water

2 teaspoons rubbing alcohol

20 drops of essential oils of your choice

Simply mix the ingredients together in a glass jar with a narrow opening and put in your reeds.  Do not fear, the smell of the rubbing alcohol will not fill your room.  After a few hours it was gone from the mixture completely.  All that I could smell was the essential oil.  (Thank god!  I hate the smell of rubbing alcohol.)

I flip my reeds over a few times a day to keep the scent going strong.  What an easy and inexpensive way to keep a home smelling fresh and chemical free!

If you are interesting in purchasing essential oils, click here to learn more!


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