Branching Out – Back to School and Fall Goals


Fall is an interesting time of year.  It is a time when everything in nature dries up and contracts its life-force in, preparing for the cold winter ahead.  Fall is also a time when routines change from the laid back days of summer to the structured days of school, homework and extra-curricular activities.   Going back to school is a really big adjustment, especially for the younger school children.

The changing of the seasons always motivates me to make some big changes in my life.  Sure, I get over zealous, but I usually accomplish a portion of what I set out and that works for me.  I have found that goals are the best way for me to stay focused and clear on what I want to achieve.

#1 Getting Organized.  

This year, my focus has been set on getting organized in preparation for the year ahead.  Although it does not happen frequently, I have been the mom who forgot the homework assignment or the permission slip until last second.  I would much rather be the mom who signs the slip and returns it the next day!  I also tend to get stressed out and impatient when my life is in a big jumble, so being organized and prepared will allow me to be a much better mommy.

I want to recreate this awesome organization wall over our computer desk, which will keep everything in once place, from meal planning to loose-paper filing.  I am a little challenged when it comes to hanging things in an orderly fashion, so once my husband finishes it, maybe I will share a picture.  🙂

This is also a great post on back to school organization from iHeart Organizing.  The pictures offer great ideas on getting the kid’s stuff organized and put away so it doesn’t sit on the kitchen table for 8 months.  Because I wouldn’t know anything about that…

#2 Believe.  

Kindergarten was a difficult year for my son.  I’ve talked about it here and here.  We were constantly communicating with his teacher about his bad behavior of the day.  She even had a behavior chart which he had to color in a smile face or a sad face depending on how he acted during that portion of the day.  My son was stressed out all day long with how much was being demanded from him versus how much he was accustomed to giving.

At home, I didn’t make it much easier for him.  Too often my focus was on the negative, telling him “Don’t do this” or “You can’t do that.”  I was only increasing the weight upon his tiny shoulders.  I have decided that instead of having our primary focus on whether he was good or bad that day, instead or focus from now on will be believing in ourselves.  Believing that we are good, believing that we can always be better because we are always growing and every day is a new day.  I want him to believe in himself that when he makes a mistake, he can pick himself up and start anew.  I think this is something we were missing last year, and I am hoping it will help us have a much more positive experience this year.  After all, where your focus goes, energy flows.  Think positive and see positive results.  🙂

#3 Get involved.

Even though fall is a time for nature to contract, I feel the need to do the opposite and really expand in our community this year.  I want to raise my kids to be comfortable in their skin and I think getting out there and being social is a really important part of this.  I am planning to volunteer for school functions through the PTA and bring my family along for the fun.  I want to make the school and related individuals a fun part of our family life, rather than just work, discipline and negativity.  Last year we were only minorly involved which may have been less than ideal for his adjusting to kindergarten.   I’m going out on a limb here, but I think if I can try to endear the school in my son’s heart via the fun activities offered, he will gain a greater sense of belonging and enjoy participating inside and outside of class much more.

#4 Ditch the awkward.

I have a confession.  Due to my majorly over-analytic nature, I am pretty socially awkward.   I really like people and enjoy connecting with them, however I spend too much time thinking while I’m talking and forget to do important things like ask people their names.  There are quite a few moms at my son’s school whom I talk with every now and then, and I have no idea what their names are.  My goal is to not only meet more people through school, but also make sure I ask them their names so we can have a better connection.  This goes along with #3 above, but the more people we connect with, the more enjoyable the school experience will be.

Fall is a great time to challenge yourself for self improvement and expansion in you life.  Make some steps of your own!

These are the things I have laid out for myself to make the most of the “Back to School” and Fall season.  While nature is pulling its energy back, it leaves a lot of room in the universe for us to branch out and improve ourselves.  Take advantage of this beautiful and opportunity-filled time of year and make some plans of your own!

Are you working on self-improvement this fall?  Please let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Branching Out – Back to School and Fall Goals

  1. Thank you for sharing your goals. I feel very much the same way this year … new season, new chances to change for the better, and to connect even more with my growing kiddos. Hope it turns out well for you. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    • Hi Kim! I hope your growth this fall goes well! Your comment made me realize that as my kids grow older and more independent, it requires work and planning to maintain a quality connection with them. Conscious effort! 🙂 Thank you for commenting.


  2. This was a great list! Our schools are putting such high expectations on our littles…it’s one of the reasons that I work at Sylvan instead of teaching in a public school. I hope the rest of the year goes well for little man! I can also definitely relate to being socially awkward hahaha.


    • Thanks Jaclyn! It must be really rewarding helping kids learn outside the pressures of a school setting! Thank you for the well wishes!
      I am starting to think the socially awkward trait is common among bloggers – maybe we are just better at thinking and writing than thinking and talking. To that I say whatever works!


      • Yes, it definitely is. I’m honesty not sure if I’ll ever teach in America (in public school)!
        Haha it may be! I like that explanation. Let’s go with it!


  3. What a great idea coming up with these goals: like New Years 4 months early! 🙂 I really love your decision to Believe!! I am going to start this one as well, in so many areas if my life.


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