Remove crayon scribbles – natural, fast and easy!

Remove crayon scribbles QUICK, SAFE and EASY with this one trick!

I made the mistake of leaving my nineteen month old with a handful of crayons yesterday while I was cleaning.  He understands when I say “paper only,” directing him to keep his crayons confined to a coloring book or loose paper sheets.  He prefers, however, to color over every hard surface in arm’s reach.  We’ve had floors, desks, books and tables decorated with the finest crayon scribbles you have ever seen.  Every time he finishes his art, he sits, points and says “uh-oh!”

Yesterday I was distracted trying to power clean the house.  I gave him his crayons at his desk and got a little lost in my cleaning.  Just three minutes later and the house was a crayon filled mess.  I think he went on an odyssey, sort of like Harold.

2014-07-21 08_20_07-Harold and the Purple Crayon Board Book_ Crockett Johnson_ 9780062086525_ AmazonLucky for me, the crayon was only on smooth, hard surfaces.  I have tried in the past to use my normal household Thieves Cleaner, to no avail.  (Surprising, because it works for EVERYTHING.)  I was scrubbing for several minutes trying to scrape off crayon from my tile floors.  Yesterday I was on a cleaning rampage and I just didn’t have the time for spending on crayon removal.

My brillant solution…. coconut oil!

I read online that petroleum jelly works at removing crayon, but I avoid use of petroleum products as much as I can.  Coconut oil was the perfect solution.

All you need is some clean, dry paper towel and a dab of coconut oil, like this brand.  The less you use, the better.  Hold the towel over your finger like so:

Clean crayon quickly and naturally with this simple tip.


Wipe until all the oil is off the surface of the table, floor, book, etc.

Remove crayon from hard surfaces in just seconds.  No chemicals or petroleum products needed!

Note this will not work on walls or other porous surfaces, the oil will stain.  Please only use on hard flat surfaces as I have described in this post.

Do you have any amazing and natural cleaning tricks?  Please share in the comments below!

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