DIY: Simple Diaper Rash Salve

My toddler’s favorite food is fruit.  Any fruit.  He can eat berries by the pint, no problem.  This is all great and fine – until it comes out the other end!  Did you know that blueberries have seeds?  Lots and lots of seeds….

Change subject!  Sort of.

Without getting into any serious detail, I will say he has had his fair share of diaper rash.  It’s been so bad that his booty-butt has blistered.  Every time it happens, I need to take extra precautions like using warm water on cotton squares instead of baby wipes, using a ridiculous amount of moisture barrier ointment, etc.  Not to mention he fights me every step of the way because it HURTS.  It’s literally a pain in the butt for both of us!

A few days ago, he blistered again.  I used a moisture barrier cream until the irritation had gone down, and then I tried some essential oils on that baby butt.  It seems it helped wonderfully at healing up the blisters, once the need for a moisture barrier had passed.

This recipe is simple!  Here is what I used for a toddler sized child:

  • 4 tablespoons Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
  • 4 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Coconut oil is something I always have in the house.  Studies like this one conducted by The International Society of Dermatology verify that coconut oil is extremely effective at keeping skin moisturized.  I often use this on my toddler post bath as well, in place of a commercial lotion.

Lavender Essential Oil has been shown in studies such as this to aid in healing wounds.  Lavender is often recommended as *the* go-to oil, as it is so effective at so many things.  In addition to wounds, lavender is effective at treating burns and may minimize scarring.

If your child is an infant, I would proceed with caution using essential oils.  Dilute heavily with coconut oil.  An infant’s skin is thinner than older children and thus extremely sensitive.

This recipe is for children and so it is extra important that you use a pure, therapeutic grade essential oil.  The skin absorbs everything put on it and small children cannot filter toxins as well as adults can.

Join the discussion!  What remedies do you have in place for diaper rash?  Share with me in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “DIY: Simple Diaper Rash Salve

  1. I’m going to be trying this, as it seems like I’ve tried everything else! E has TERRIBLE diaper rash…bleeding, seeping, blistering, etc. I’ve tried all sorts of herbal salves, ointments, etc, but maybe I’ve just been missing something simple (like lavender- duh!).


    • You know, it’s not in alignment with my ideal way of living, but when my son’s butt is freshly burnt I will use Aquaphor. Nothing else keeps moisture out the same way. As soon as I feel it’s not at risk for further burning I switch to oils for healing. Sometimes I just have to work with what helps the most, even if the ingredients are far from pure!


      • That’s one I *haven’t* tried. I’ve tried Desistin x2, babyganics, honest, badger w calendula, seventh gen, burts bees, herbal healing salve w beeswax, powder x2, lotrimin, probiotics x3, allergy testing, MRT clearing, chiropractic….

        I think some kids just need to have diaper rash.


          • Yes, skin testing. 😦
            It told us that our little boy who has food reactivity to almost everything is allergic to…nothing!! Huh? It was a frustrating experience. He has all the classic signs of food allergies- eczema, rashes, diaper rash, “belly hurt,” sleep disturbances, swelling…you name it. Allergic to nothing. One time he got hives around his mouth and throat and his tongue swelled when he ate edamame and soy sauce stir fry…not allergic to soy! I don’t know…

            You’ll appreciate/understand this…it all started after we found out he was allergic to penicillin and he had to stop that and go on a round of amoxicillin for double pneumonia. 😦


            • hi ALLISON I READ YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR SON AND FOOD ALLERGYS ON MOMMY LIVES CLEAN .I have a yr old grandson with similar allergic reactions ,tried everything ellimination diets creams antihistamines hair analaysis and stool analysis .NO ANSWERS .Just asking if you found a solution would be much appreciated .
              regards sue


            • Unfortunately, no, I did not. However, he did “grow out of it.” Since then (and two more babies later), I have found that the MOST effective remedy for anything of this nature is plantain. It is a weed that is probably growing in your yard right now (or will be ONCE IT STOPS SNOWING!). You can mash it up into a poultice and spread it on the area for a few hours. My daughter’s bloody rash disappeared overnight. Then, I made it into a salve and used it for maintenance. I also added EOs to the salve to make something for my father-in-law’s plaque psoriasis, and he said it worked wonders!

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