Hepatitis B Vaccine – I have a choice?

Through experience, I found the Hep B shot is completely unnecessary for newborns of uninfected mothers.   Pediatricians AGREE!  Please read.

really don’t want to write about vaccines, ever.  It is a heated topic that sparks a lot of passion in people on both sides of the fence.  My stance is while I do not feel comfortable with them due to all of the heavy metals, preservatives and other toxins (the list is long and rather disgusting) I am not quite sure it is in my children’s best interest not  to do them.  It’s one thing to allow your child to get the normal childhood diseases like chicken pox but what happens when you can’t take them to a pediatrician because you haven’t vaccinated?  I’ve actually been told by doctors to find another practice if I wasn’t going to vaccinate my unborn child.  While I absolutely did find other practices, it is still the industry wide standard to reject patients who refuse vaccines.  This is inconvenient for me, however I do understand.  Children who have diseases or certain conditions do not receive vaccinations, leaving them at risk for contracting diseases which are normally vaccinated for.  When a child is vaccinated, doctors claim they cannot carry a virus, while an unvaccinated child can and would put the already ill, unvaccinated child at risk.

I don’t want to broadcast my opinion on vaccines when it is just opinion.  Studies on vaccines show they are safe, other studies show they cause autism and others show everywhere in between.  How can the public know what is accurate?

The Hepatitis B shot, however, is one that makes me sad.  It makes me sad that parents are agreeing to this shot, signing a waiver, when chances are it is completely unnecessary.  Want to know how I know it is unnecessary?  Several doctors told me so.

Let’s first break down what Hepatitis B is.  According to Mayo Clinic’s website, “Hepatitis B is a serious liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). For some people, hepatitis B infection becomes chronic, leading to liver failure, liver cancer or cirrhosis — a condition that causes permanent scarring of the liver.”  Yes, Hepatitis B is a very serious and dangerous disease.  The important part, however, is how this disease is transferred.  According to Mayo Clinic, Hepatitis B can only be transferred through:

  • Sexual contact and transfer of bodily fluids.
  • Through intravenous drug use.
  • From an infected mother to her unborn child.

Hepatitis B is an STD which can also be passed through sharing needles while doing drugs.

Why, then, are our minutes old infants getting this shot!?  The pediatricians I have spoken with have all expressed their dislike for this procedure, stating it is unnecessary for a mother who has tested negative during her prenatal visits.  Many speculate this procedure is in place to control world-wide Hep B numbers, as Hep B is an epidemic in countries other than the United States where prostitution and drug use are more prevalent.

It is also important to note that once a baby develops antibodies to the Hepatitis B vaccine, they do not last forever.  According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a renowned vaccine researcher,

“In 1991, the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices (ACIP) began recommending the hepatitis b vaccine for newborns within the first 48 hours of life. Between 30-50% of children who develop adequate antibody after three doses of vaccine will loose detectable antibody within 7 years.[4] That means that many children vaccinated as babies will not have a measurable level of antibodies by the time they are seven years of age; most will not retain antibodies into adulthood.

When researching vaccines online, I am always overwhelmed by all the fear institutions like the CDC instill in people about infectious disease.  And then I go to Dr. Tenpenny’s website and read something like this:

The number reported cases of acute hepatitis B infection have steadily declined, from 18,003 cases in 1991 to 8,036 cases in 2000.[2] Of all persons who are exposed to the hepatitis b virus, 50 percent will develop no symptoms and 30 percent develop only mild flu-like symptoms. In both circumstances, the person will acquire life-time immunity to the virus.

Approximately 20 percent of persons who contract hepatitis b will develop fever, abdominal tenderness and the telltale sign of the infection: jaundice. In this subset of patients, more than 95 percent recover fully and will be immune for life. That means of all persons who are both exposed to the virus and become measurably ill, only 5 percent have the potential to become chronic carriers of the hepatitis b infection.[3]

It seems to me that the chances of actually contracting and becoming ill from Hepatitis B is very low.  For a newborn baby of a mother who does not have Hepatitis B and who will not be using intravenous drugs or having sex before the age of 7, this shot is completely unnecessary.  When I refused the shot in the hospital and again in my pediatrician’s office, I never heard anything but agreement.  All of my pediatricians have agreed with me that this shot is not necessary.

The last thing I want to touch on is the ingredients in a Hepatitis B vaccine, which is being injected into newborns without an active blood-brain barrier.  A blood-brain barrier is a membrane consisting of cells which prevent passage of certain molecules from the bloodstream into the brain.  It is unclear when this barrier becomes fully active, many speculate not until after two years of age.  According to Rxlist.com, the Recombivax HB vaccine contains yeast, formaldehyde and potassium aluminum sulfate.  Aluminum.  We are injecting our minutes old newborns with an unnecessary dose of aluminum which is more than likely travelling straight to their brain.  Studies such as this have linked the increase in use of aluminum adjuvant in vaccines to the rise in autism.

In the event you decide to agree to the Hepatitis B shot because your child will need it for school, please reconsider when the shot is administered.  You will have 5 years before school comes.  At least give their brain time to grow!

As for me, I have refused this shot thus far.  I cannot say what will happen when school time rolls around.  I have a hard time injecting my child with something that is potentially harmful with absolutely no benefits, as he is not at risk for this disease.  I’ll save that battle for another day!

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