What I drink instead of green smoothies…

Green Soup for breakfast at MommyLivesClean.com

Green smoothies and juices are all the rage lately, with juice bars popping up in every upscale shopping center and recipes flying around the internet for the next greatest super-food smoothie.  People claim you can regain your health, lose weight and look amazing all from consuming blended greens, fruits and veggies.

Time and time again I have tried to go on a smoothie cleanse, consuming only green drinks consisting of fruits and vegetables for a period of time.  Every. single. time. I. fail.  Thirty minutes to an hour after drinking a green juice or smoothie I would be brain foggy and super hungry.  I didn’t understand why and was so hard on myself, assuming I just had an out of control appetite.  Then I realized something – the green smoothies I was making were too sweet for me and sent me into a blood sugar roller coaster!  Usually I would make a smoothie with 2 handfuls of greens, a little cucumber and some berries or other fruit on hand.  I would try to add a fat for nutrient absorption, like almond butter or coconut oil.  But still the smoothies left my body out of balance and craving more food.

Enter the green SOUP!

As my baby started on solids, I began cooking up his veggies in grass-fed butter, add some bone broth and then puree it.  (Bone broth is so nutritious – why would you use water when you can use broth!  Read about how I easily make my bone broth here.)  After a while it dawned on me – I wasn’t just making nutritious baby food, I was making soup!  Soup has always been on my “One day I’ll try it” list.  You see, the first time I ever cooked for my husband I tried making a soup.  It was a Ginger Carrot Chicken soup, made with coconut milk.  He HATED it!  He still makes jokes about how bad it was to this day.  That was the first time I made a soup from scratch, and it was the last for a while.   #scarredforlife.  Thanks to Sally Fallon and her book Nourishing Traditions, however, I found how to properly feed my growing baby with the right foods to keep him healthy and develop to a smart little boy.  This includes plenty of healthy fats, grass-fed protein and bone broths, along with organic vegetables and fruits.  I may just be a proud mother, but at 18 months my son understands almost everything I say to him.  I can ask him to pick things up, put them away, put his shoes on, give me kisses and hugs… he does it all.  I am quite amazed!

Enough bragging.

With the right combination of greens and vegetables, green soup can be creamy and satisfying without the blood sugar spike and crash the fruit smoothie or juice can cause. Further, bone broth contains essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which are easily absorbable by the body.  Bone broth also contains gelatin which can improve digestion and help your skin look a little more beautiful.  I wrote a little about the health benefits of gelatin here.  Due to all the amino acids contained in the broth, it is also anti-inflammatory and can help prevent infection.

The bottom line, eating soup made with bone broth for breakfast can leave you feeling satiated because your body is getting the fuel it needs without any unnecessary sugar from the fruit.  Now I can save my fruit for the afternoon when I can better handle the sugar boost!

When I make green soup, I never follow just one recipe.  As long as you include cauliflower for the creamy texture, you can pretty much add whatever vegetables or greens you wish and it will blend up nicely.  The recipe below is a bit sweet thanks to the sweet potato, which my baby and I definitely loved.  I was very surprised to learn that there is no real science to making soup and it is pretty easy to make delicious soups once you get used to it.  I hope you are inspired to start experimenting with your own green soups.  If you have a favorite recipe, please share in the comments below!

green soup recipe






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