My weeding injury and healing tendinitis naturally


This year I celebrated my birthday the way any old lady would – I rid my entire yard of dandelions.  While this may not seem like fun, it definitely gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I got a little obsessive but hey, I’m a girl who knows how to party.  And as with birthdays in the past, I woke the next morning in pain, but this pain was not the ‘Oh my geez why did I drink all that’ pain.  My arm was swollen and something inside was making a creaking feeling.  After consulting Dr. Internet, I discovered I had given myself tendinitis!

What exactly is ‘tendinitis?’

Tendinitis is inflammation or irritation of the tendons, in this case surrounding the wrist joint.  The tendons are rope-like structures which attach muscle to the bone.  The swelling prevents the tendons from smoothly gliding over the wrist joint, causing pain and the creaking feeling I was experiencing.  According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, tendinitis is caused by overuse and is most common in MIDDLE AGED WOMEN.  I can hear my sister laughing at me now.  I’m just going to own that one.

Recommended treatment per modern medicine:

  • Immobilization – a good ACE wrap or a brace to prevent further overuse is necessary, otherwise the condition will persist.
  • Ice – prevents inflammation which alleviates pain and stimulates blood flow to the area which is necessary for healing.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Medications (NSAIDs) – these drugs are recommended for their pain reducing and anti-inflammatory effects.  What modern medicine does not speak about, however, is how NSAIDs are one of the leading causes of drug induced liver failure.  Further, a study done by the University of A Coruna in northern Spain found that children given pain relievers once a month were 5.4 times likely to have asthma, and given just once before their first birthday were 60% more likely to have asthma than children who did not have pain relievers.  Tylenol, Motrin, Advil… these cause liver and gut damage.  A damaged gut and congested liver result in allergies and asthma.  When are our doctors (especially pediatricians) going to wake up and stop recommending them for anything less than an emergency?!  There are natural alternatives for pain management which I will discuss another day.
  • Cortisone Injection – doctors inject steroids at the site of injury to reduce severe inflammation.  In cases of emergency, I can see how this is justifiable.  Tendinitis, in my experience, is not an emergency.

This is a brief list of what a medical doctor might recommend should you visit regarding a case of wrist tendinitis.  Why bother with their dangerous chemical drugs and needless side effects when you can cure it naturally?

How I got rid of tendinitis naturally:

  • Immobilization and Ice – these two are necessary to prevent further injury and reduce swelling.
  • Calc Fluor #1 Tissue Salt – Calcium Fluoride is one of the 12 Schuessler Cell Salts developed by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler in the 19th century.  Dr. Schessler found that most disease is caused by deficiency in certain mineral salts and can be reversed by proper application of these salts.  Calc Fluor is used to build, restore and maintain tissue elasticity.  **Note this is NOT the same fluoride dumped into our drinking water (sodium fluoride).
  • Arnica Montana – this homeopathic remedy made from the flowers of the Arnica plant.  It is known to reduce swelling, soothe muscle pain and heal wounds, all without the possibility of gut and liver damage.
  • Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove and Peppermint oils – applied topically as needed for pain.

The more determined I become to stay away from over the counter and prescription treatments made from chemicals, the more I realize how beneficial natural treatments such as homeopathy and essential oils actually are.   We don’t need to cause organ damage to alleviate our pain or take away our swelling.  I hope this inspires a few of you to step off the path of chemical drugs and discover what nature can do for you!


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