Easiest Crock Pot Whole Chicken – Paleo!


I remember the first time I made a whole chicken I cried because I could barely touch it let alone stick my hand where the sun don’t shine to pull out the gizzard bag.  Gross, gross, gross!  Right?  Well, I have since made quite a few whole chickens and am pretty much used to handling my once feathered friends.  To me, the benefits of a whole chicken far outweigh purchasing individual cuts.  Benefits include:

  • Buying the whole chicken is less expensive than buying just the breast.  Next time you are at the store, check out the price by the pound.   At Costco, for example, Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are $5.99 per pound, while the Organic Whole Chicken is $2.49 per pound.
  • Some of the family likes dark meat and some of the family likes white meat.   This way I can avoid the “I don’t like it” cry-fest at dinner!
  • Cooking meat with the bone in is far more nutritious.  Bones contain essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, as well as marrow, which release into the meat when cooked slowly.
  • BROTH!  Never, ever, EVER throw away the liquid left over after crock pot cooking your whole chicken.  This is liquid gold in my house.  You will make the best soup you have ever tasted in your life with this broth.  It is full of natural gelatin and other minerals (see above) that make broth one of the healthiest things you can consume.  It is also extremely healing to the gut, if you are looking to improve your digestion.
  • Crock pots are easy!
  • It’s paleo.  What more do I need to say.
  • Something about cooking the way my grandparents did makes me feel like I’m doing something right for my family.  It just feels healthier when things are less packaged and torn apart.

Have I convinced you yet?  On to the recipe!


After we eat some of the chicken, I always clean off all the meat from the bones and save for later meals.  I freeze the skin and bones in the same bag with the gizzards to make more broth at a later date.  Lastly, I strain out all of the liquid in the crock pot and store in glass canning jars in the refrigerator for soup in the next few days.  Just do not put hot glass jars in the fridge or freezer, they will crack!

I hope you enjoy this easy and cost efficient recipe!

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3 thoughts on “Easiest Crock Pot Whole Chicken – Paleo!

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  2. I am retired but I still love conikog in my CrockPot. recipes are endless and so good. I make a beef roast in mine and use three seasoning packets, Ranch, Peppercorn and Italian. Out of this world taste.


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