HIIT or no HIIT, this girl has got to run!

Now that the weather is finally warming up in the midwest, I have been able to get back out and start running again.  I have always said it, and I will say it again.  The world is a safer place when I run!  Once I get past two or three miles I am in heaven.  Whats that?  You ran over my puppy?  Its ok, I can handle it!  My car has been impounded and my college degree revoked?  Hey its all good!

Ok, I’m not that into running.  But I know from experience that no other form of exercise can stifle my appetite or help me lose weight like running.  The good mood comes along for fun.  And I have never felt as free as I do when I’m sprinting all over my neighborhood with no one to answer to.  Its like my meditation time!  Time and again I have read experts claiming that long distance, consistent rate cardio is actually damaging to people’s health and metabolism.  Here is a recap of what I have heard against running long distances:

  • It can elevate cortisol levels.  This in itself is not that bad, but combined with caffeine use, not enough sleep and the chronic stress so many people are under, it can sabotage your weight loss goals and seriously mess with your sense of well-being.
  • Running can increase sugar cravings.
  • It can increase inflammation throughout the body – which can cause disease.
  • It can breakdown muscle tissue which is counter-productive for people that weight train.

The experts also praise interval training, which consists of high intensity, all-out bursts of activity followed by a short, low intensity rest period.  These workouts average between 10 and 20 minutes and are said to burn fat like nothing else.  Well guess what.  Not for this girl!  I have been doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 4-5 times a week for the past 6 months and I have been trying to lose the same 10 to 15 pounds the entire time.  I just reintroduced running and viola!, pounds are dropping.  It is my personal experience that HIIT workouts can lead to over-training and cause exhaustion and then overeating and sugar cravings.  I do enjoy the intensity of HIIT workouts and the definition I can achieve without needing a gym, but I realize that I need my runner’s high as well.

As of today, there are only 40 days left until summer and so I am planning to incorporate all kinds of exercise to keep things interesting and meet my goals by June 21.   This will include running, but for less than one hour at a time in order to avoid the problems above, HIIT workouts, boxing and yoga.  If you are looking for some good HIIT workouts that you can do real-time, here are the trainers I follow:

If you are looking for the best jogging stroller EVER, this is the one I use and couldn’t love more.  I know some joggers are too light and tip easy but this one does not.  The tires are large and that combined with the suspension system make it great for sidewalk and street bumps.

What are you doing to meet your fitness goals?  Do you love to run too?  Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “HIIT or no HIIT, this girl has got to run!

  1. Ive always admired your discipline. You are such an Inspiration to so many women, young and old!! I love what your doing, taking the time to share your trials and tribulations. There are so many who at times feel lost and alone. Reading your blog gives them hope. Thanks!! Keep up the great work.♡♥


  2. Hi,I have been struggling to lose about 6- 8 klios for a long time. I used to be 62 kilos, that is when i got into aebcoirs, and in 3 months I was around 57/58. Although i looked very fit , for I was also regularly doing my weight training too. I love doing both, and also love doing yoga. But none of my efforts could melt the fat around my stomach, though i could almost do all the ab exercises without any problems, and I knew so many of them.I also kept reading that the only way to lose fat , was to include more aebcoirs, and I started doing more of it, like 30- 40 mins of skipping along with some aebcoirs routines too, and I never gave up my weight training routine. I had switched to eating everything brown, along with vegetables and proteins, and I am a pure vegetarian. But still I found no results, although I always got comments that I look at least 10 years younger than my actual age.Then i hit the age called the beginning of the 50s, with weight gradually increasing, and finally stopping with great difficulty in 67.5 klios, that too with my regular exercise, and healthy diet routine. I know that i am at an age where things are not in my control, although i am perfectly healthy, I now look fat.I have joined a gym, and had asked them to give me circuit training , in which on certain days both cardio and weight training is there and on other days only cardio and abs are there. They never give me more than 40 mins of cardio a day, which i find a little less because of my preconceived idea of believing that only with more cardio i can lose weight soon. So in a day i try to do atleast 50-55 mins. of different cardios like cycling, treadmill and the cross trainer, and on weight training days I do double the repetitons of what they have given me, and also try to do minimum of different cardio for 45- 50 mins.One month is going to be over, and I see only some inches lost in my back, chest and arms, but no great shakes, and no weight loss.In the treadmill i do running for 1 min and 1 min of rest, and i do this atleat 7 times in a 20 mins worktime, and this i do only twice a week and on other days I increase the incline/ decline and walk fast and recover kind of workout and also some times i just walk regular with no incline at all.As a principle, I seem to be doing a lot of different things, adding little changes in my gm time.However there is no big change in my body, i am feeling as fit and healthy as ever without of course the weight loss , which seems to be eluding me for ever.In one or two days they would be changing my workout schedule to a different routine, I am wondering whether I should ask them to put me on no cardio, and only weights kind of routine, what do you have to say?I would really appreciate your advise in this matter.Sorry for the long post .Rama.


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