What is oil pulling?

oil pulling

I first heard about oil pulling a few years ago when reading the book “Moon Time” by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe.  It was said if sunflower oil is swished in a person’s mouth at the correct moon phase and for about 15 minutes that toxins can be pulled from the body.  If the oil is spit out outdoors, no grass will grow in that spot because it has become “poison.”

Well I don’t know about you, but I want those dirty toxins outta my body!  I decided that I would try oil pulling everyday for 30 days.  This is what I found.

Oil pulling is actually an ancient Ayurvedic practice of swishing sesame or sunflower oil around in your mouth for about twenty minutes and then spitting it out.  It is recommended to do this before breakfast on an empty stomach.  Many natural health experts claim this activity can heal tissues, cells and organs because the fats in the oil attract the toxins stored in body fat.  It is also said that the method of swishing the oil back and forth in the mouth can have a stimulating affect on the body’s excretory system.  The most commonly reported benefits are to the teeth and gums: whiter teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath, etc.  The list of alleged health benefits is extensive, just google it!

Because I live on a budget, I broke rule #1 and used coconut oil like this brand instead of sunflower or sesame oil.  Maybe that skewed my findings, maybe not.  Coconut oil is anti-bacterial and so I feel it has benefits even if it is not the oil used in Ayurveda.  I swished my oil for as close to 20 minutes every morning as soon as I woke up.  At first it was super gross melting the oil in my mouth and difficult to swish the full 20 minutes without having the reflex to swallow.  After a week or two, however, I grew to like it.  I’m not one to run and brush my teeth as soon as I wake up (usually I am woken by a child needing something) so this is a great way to clean out any bacteria which accumulated in my mouth throughout the night without brushing.  (Mouth breather! )  I definitely experienced a clean feeling afterwards, and I think its great I am not swallowing all those microbes with my morning coffee.  I am also excited to report that my teeth did look whiter after a few weeks of oil pulling.  This alone was worth it to me!  I was contemplating doing a round of white strips once I was through breastfeeding but now I don’t have to.

As far as pulling stored toxins or healing any part of my body, I really don’t think so.  Some people claim that their white coconut oil becomes yellow when they spit it out, but this never happened for me.  It is possible that I should have continued the consistent practice beyond thirty days, or that I did not use the proper oil.  I am okay with what I have gained using coconut oil, especially the part about not swallowing a colony of bacteria for breakfast.  Unless some sesame or sunflower oil gets sent to my doorstep, I doubt I will ever use anything but coconut oil.

Do you have a healing experience with oil pulling?  Please share below!


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