Our Journey with Eczema – Part 2 – Diet

If you missed the first part of this series, click here to read it!

While we found out that being overheated was the number one trigger for our son’s eczema, I still wanted to make sure nothing I was eating was an additional cause.  He only had breast milk for the first six months, and so I went elimination diet crazy for a few months.  Many experts suggest to eliminate the following foods:

  • Wheat/ Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Corn

Unfortunately the list does not agree with my almond butter addiction and eggs are a great and easy source of protein for a nursing mom.  Everything else I was fine with excluding.  Result… NONE.  No change.  I did feel that dairy made my son gassy and so I rarely had any, but there was no detectable impact on the eczema. Now that he eats on his own, there are several food triggers I have been able to discover that will aggravate the condition about a day after ingesting.  Here is the quick list:

  • Egg whites – The Weston A. Price Foundation recommends raw egg yolks from pastured hens as a first food for baby.  I had access to local eggs from pastured hens and so that was my son’s first food.  He loved it, however sometimes if a bit of the white did not separate from the yolk and got on my son’s skin, it would turn beet red.  This was my first indication that egg whites do not agree with him.  I avoided egg whites until about 15 months when he had some scrambled eggs at a restaurant.  A day later his cheek spot was bright red and he was scratching.  This has happened several times.  While correlation does not equal causation,that is enough for me to not feed him the whites any time soon.   Just a note, the egg yolks are tolerated just fine and he has always loved them.
  • Raspberries / Strawberries – Nothing special to report here, other than about a day later my son’s eczema flared.
  • Avocado – I was shocked that this caused an eczema flare, but it did!  Avocados make my ears itch when I eat them though so maybe its a family allergy.  Oddly enough I found through internet research that avocado and latex allergies go hand in hand.  I will definitely be looking into that.
  • Bell Peppers – My son loves cooked red peppers but he will get a reaction within a few hours that lasts about two days.
  • Citrus – Sucking on lemon has caused a flare.
Eczema flare after eating raspberries.

Eczema flare after eating raspberries.

If I could go back and do it all again, I would focus on foods that family members are allergic to, keeping in mind the list of common allergens.  Its definitely a game of trial and error until they are big enough to get tested at a doctor’s office. Do you know anyone with eczema triggered by food allergies?  Please share below!


2 thoughts on “Our Journey with Eczema – Part 2 – Diet

  1. It is late here and i am going to come back in the morning to comment (3 kids of my own 🙂 But I felt it really really important to mention that if your son is allergic to egg whites you need to avoid vaccines! Egg white based vaccinations……ill type more later. Please look into this.


    • Danielle, you are right about that! I have looked into every reason to refuse vaccines but not since I determined his egg white allergy. Its one thing to have the digestive system to be able to detox those proteins out, but shooting it directly into muscle tissue/ bloodstream is far more dangerous. Thank you so much and I hope you do return to say more.


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